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I need to have my natural teeth extracted and a denture made.  What are the procedures?  Will I ever need to see a dentist again?

Q.     Do I have a denture made before I have my teeth extracted or wait until after my teeth are extracted?

A.     Impressions can be taken prior to the extraction of your natural teeth, and an Immediate Denture made to be inserted into your mouth as soon as your natural teeth are extracted. 

  • Some people prefer to have their teeth extracted first and let their gums heal, then have impressions taken for a denture. 
  • The healing process can take up to several weeks, depending on your medical conditions. This option may be recommended by your dentist. 


Q.  What is the procedure for Immediate Dentures?


  •      Impressions are taken a few weeks prior to the date set for the extraction of your natural teeth.  Denture teeth are chosen to duplicate or even improve upon your natural teeth. This can take a few appointments.
  • Besides giving you an instant smile, the Immediate Denture will help keep swelling under control and help protect your tender gums.  
  • Bones and gums will recede as your tooth sockets close.   A temporary reline followed later by a permanent reline, will adapt your denture to your healing mouth.
  • Alternatively a new denture will have to be made .

Q.     I have just had my teeth extracted and my denture placed.  Now what?


  •    If possible, leave your denture in for a day or two.  The denture helps to keep the swelling under control. 
  • Remove the denture carefully. 
  • Brush and rinse your mouth. 
  • Starting the first day after extractions, rinse your mouth frequently with a solution of 1/2 teaspoon salt in a glass of water.
  • Drink cool or lukewarm liquids for the first few hours.  After this, soft foods are permissable, followed by harder foods as your mouth heals and you become accustomed to your new denture.
  •  See your dentist for removal of any sutures (stitches), extreme pain or excessive bleeding.

Q.     How long does it take to adjust to my new Immediate Denture?


  •   Generally, you should be comfortable with your denture in a few days.
  • Start with softer foods
  • Chew small quantities of food and chew on both sides of your mouth
  • Speak slowly
  • If you experience pain or irritation, see your dentist


Q.     My Immediate Denture is loose.  What do I do?


  •     Contact me  for an appointment for any concerns about fit or function of your new denture.  Your mouth may heal and shrink enough in a few days or weeks that your dentures are now loose.  A temporary reline will adapt the denture to your mouth.

             Later, when your tissues are well healed, a permanent reline will be done.


Q.     Only some of my teeth need to be extracted.  What are my options?

A.     There are a variety of removable partial dentures that can be made to replace your missing teeth: cast metal partials, acylic partial dentures with or without clasps, flexible vinyl partial dentures . 


Q.     Do I ever need to see the  dentist  again?

A.     You should have an annual oral exam.
         It is important to keep your denture fitting properly to avoid damage to your tissue and bone.  During an exam, your denturist can check for proper fit and function of your dentures, so that if tissues are becoming irritated, inflamed or are showing any abnormalities, solutions can be recommended including relines, new replacement dentures or a visit to your family doctor or dentist for further analysis.